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Artjoms Brilovs


My name is Artjoms, I am an individual video producer from Den Haag. I used to be a freelancer for nearly 3 years and have gone through different stages of the process from pre-production to post-production. I have studied "Broacdasting" here in Netherlands and holding bachelors degree in this field.

Currently, I am looking for new, interesting projects or part-time job, but if you are looking for a full time employee, feel free to contact me as well :) I am friendly and always looking to help people with their projects. Well done job brings me the most joy.

I am well organized by myself, I do have all necessary equipment for individual work and since I have a car I am also very mobile. Also I am efficient team player, who can deliver in time and take responsibility for challenging tasks. I used to work with artists, real estate agents, universities and small businesses to help them build their brand and achieve top goals.

Unfortunately, I do not know Dutch well, but my English is fluent and I know Russian language, may be somebody will find use for it in some project ;)

Anyways, I would be delighted to discuss any possibility you have, also feel free to visit my website to check out my works:

If you have any questions or offers, feel free to contact me through:

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

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Op: 23-10-2017 / 306 x bekeken
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