Master of Film | Information evening 22 November 2017
Nederlandse FIlmacademie (Master of Film)

In September 2018 our Master's programme will start a with a new group of talented artistic researchers. The deadline for application is 12 January 2018.

Wednesday 22 November, during IDFA, we are hosting our annual information evening, live. Thursday 30 November we host an online event.

The master Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Netherlands Film Academy is a unique two-year international course for a select group of filmmakers and artists with several years of professional experience under their belt. They are offered time, space ánd a budget to research and experiment in an open-ended trajectory in which thinking and making are one. The programme privileges questions over answers, process over product, experimentation over mere execution and long term effects over short term gain…

The Master's Degree Programme in Cinema is open to all (moving image) makers with a bachelor's degree. This includes not only a degree in film or any of its sub-disciplines, but also in the field of visual arts, digital media or performance arts. Potential candidates are, however, expected to have at least three or four years of practical experience under their belts.

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Op: 14-11-2017 / 220 x bekeken
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